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Handmade Collection

Our handmade pieces are created with love and passion in sunny southern California. We put our soul into each of these unique pieces as well as physical and spiritual dedication. We truly hope you enjoy wearing them!

We use genuine semi-precious stones and crystal quartz so each gem is unique in their color, shape, and texture. It is natural for gemstones and pearls to contain distinctions and imperfections. These little differences will add to the character and originality of the piece. 

Please message us if you would like to place a special handmade order with your personal specifications! We only have 1-2 of each item at a time so if you need to order more, just let us know! We will be happy to accommodate and make your vision a reality!  

Natural, untreated, and raw crystals and gemstones are very delicate. Always handle with care, like with any piece of fine jewelry.