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Chloe Ear Jackets - Get 2 FOR 1!!

  • Chloe Ear Jackets are totally hipster and modern. These trend-setting “Huggie” earrings are so IT right now with stud in the front and the circle on the back that hugs your ears for a 3D effect!  Chloe Earrings are mini in size, simple in design, but they make a huge statement in originality and minimalist style! 
  • We will send you 2 pairs of earrings for the price of 1 pair, so you can choose the hoop size that fits you best!  With your order, you will receive tiny back hoops and small back hoops (a pair of back hoops that are a little less than 1/2 in., and a pair of back hoops that are 5/8 in.) 
  • The look depends on how low your piercing is on the earlobe. Refer to customer photos! 
  • Gold or Silver Tone

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